Farmers Support

The Root of Life

Most villagers...

are subsistence farmers, working without the benefit of infrastructure to grow coffee, maize, bananas, sweet potato, cassava, passionflower fruit. With coffee as their major cash crop they are vulnerable to volatile market fluctuations…

New Village Alliance has undertaken to improve farmers’ conditions in a number of ways. Through in-depth communication with farmer’s collectives to identify specific issues, we work to bring technology and resources to bear to solve these issues…the project hopes to impact a large number of farmers and improve general economic conditions of the sub-county in general. Trialing new varieties of crops including medicinal herbs to find new markets, working with  expert agronomists and other agricultural professionals to improve production (and move away from excessive agricultural chemicals, and finding alternatives to pesticides) and supplying micro loans for equipment are some of the current projects.

"Helping farmers to become more successful supports the economic foundations of the entire community..."

Brian Lee McMAhon